Social media allows everyone to witness firsthand the power of ideas. Its Web 2.0 technology has enabled one and all to participate in creating and sharing ideas expressed through a range of digital media whether opinion postings, videos, pictures, audio, or messages. This empowerment has encouraged unprecedented levels of collaboration and communication between people from every imaginable background. User-generated content and crowdsourcing are today's centers of innovation.

The point here is that if we desire to enhance Government's problem-solving, the crowd will always outperform any individual or any group. As such, combining citizen participation with open, collaborative government will spark innovation.

To encourage new thinking and inspiring budding leaders into action, we have a formed a LinkedIn group entitled "Gov2.0". The mission of the group is to offer Governments insights and calls-to-action on how social media could be applied to government programs for the benefit of all. The intent is to provide a stage for sharing knowledge and ideas on this new and powerful technology; along with a forum where Government can engage in conversation with experts and citizen lobbyists across the globe.

This community can be accessed by clicking the link below.
Gov 2.0 - Technology, Initiatives and Innovations