In todayís digital era, Governments are the ones in need of lobbyists. Trust us, itís true. With a quarter of the Earthís population online - thatís over 1.6 Billion people; there is a higher power you need to influence. Just imagine the most popular social communities have already exceeded the population of nations.

Social networks can create political participation and their members motivated into citizen lobbyists. Web 2.0 technologies make it easy for these people to start conversations online, build relationships, and generate buzz for your cause - if they are truly convinced on your point of view.

We encourage you to think progressively and consider a digital platform and policy founded on social media to communicate and converse directly with your markets and in turn acquire influence, earn respect, and create wealth.

Our strategic advisory services focus on identifying high-impact opportunities to leverage the power of social media. We provide an opportunity portfolio prioritized by expected returns, cost, and speed to deploy. Integral to our services is the development of an internal transition plan to facilitate the process, policy, cultural, and organizational changes required to operate under this new open, collaborative environment.

Our operational services are simply digital platforms delivered. Our methodology begins with a blueprint - a full design for your private-label social media site. The blueprint covers the platform's mission, community playbook, outreach program, operating plan, contracting structure, financial model, and the monitoring & matchmaking system.

We also offer an innovative build-operate-transfer (BOT) commercial model that minimizes your upfront costs and gets you up and running quickly. We assemble a dedicated team of professionals to manage the operations until you are prepared to take over.

If there is a monetization aspect to the project, our sophisticated financial models incorporate the many details and appropriate financial assessment methods associated with online communities to evaluate the viability of a project and structure the best scenario


We are a team of experts, leaders, and hands-on achievers. Our focus is on your results and not our egos. We assembled fresh ideas and deeply seasoned capabilities in competitive strategy, public policy, human talent management, brand development, performance measurement, e-Government, commercial electronic marketplaces, and social media Ė with the sole purpose to help you see the future and get you there.